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Cauldron Quest


Cauldron Quest is a sliding tile puzzle game, where you swipe to move all the tiles at once. Create magic potions, sweep spiders, and burst slime in 60 unique and challenging magical puzzle levels!

Join Spellma on her journey across the magical kingdoms, visiting enchanted forests and distant castles. Help her make magic potions, cast spells, and use enchanted objects as she travels through the lands.

Earn your witch's hats by levelling up your witchy skills. Compete with friends for high scores and stars, and send them free gifts every day!

Fuzzy Hat

Fuzzy Hat is a mobile game development company founded by an ex-AAA developer turned indie. We create fun, family-friendly casual mobile games.

The founder of Fuzzy Hat, Penny Sweetser, has 15 years experience in the field of game development. She has worked on some of the biggest and best games developed in Australia (Total War, BioShock 2, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified), as well as a number of acclaimed indie games (Neptune's Pride, Triton).

Penny has a Ph.D. in games development and her academic work on enjoyment in video games is highly cited throughout the world. She has written a book on emergence in games, as well as numerous research papers on enjoyment, emergence, and screen time for children. Now, she splits her time between making mobile games and wrangling two active toddlers.

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